Heavy-Duty Truck Electrical Accessories by VSM

Vehicle Safety Manufacturing offers the widest assortment of heavy truck electrical accessories in the OE and aftermarket truck segment to fulfill the needs of customers working in the harshest environments including material handling, construction, agriculture, forestry, mining and other on and off-road equipment and truck applications. VSM's terminals and junction blocks, as well as backup alarms and circuit testers, will meet or exceed your expectations and include long-life components meaning less down-time due to faults. Learn more about our individual cases and kits below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require a customized solution.

VSM3120 Universal Junction Box

VSM3120 Universal 7 position junction box with replaceable terminal block
  • Universal 7 position junction box.
  • Strong, non-corrosive construction.
  • Terminal grommets included.
  • Size: 8” L x 4” W x 8” H.
  • Mounting: Two holes on 7 11⁄32” centers.

VSM4755 Five Gang Terminal Block

VSM4755 Five Gang Terminal Block
  • #10-24 stud terminals.
  • Molded high temperature thermo-plastic insulator base.
  • Overall Size: 51⁄4” L x 11⁄2” W x 3⁄4” H.

VSM322 Back-Up Alarm

VSM322 Universal Back-Up Alarm
  • 97db, Digital Circuitry, 12-24 Volt Operation.
  • Encapsulated circuit protects against moisture, vibration, shock.
  • 1⁄2 amp (or less) current draw.
  • Meets all standards SAEJ994.
  • Tough nylon housing.
  • Mounting: Base: 3.25" center; Rear: 3 - 3.5" center.

VSM27000 Heavy Duty Circuit Tester

VSM27000 Heavy Duty Circuit Tester
  • Checks all 6 and 12 volt systems.
  • Tests circuits on a variety of vehicles.
  • 5 feet of heavy gauge wire.
  • Spring supported strain relief.
  • Heavy duty ground clip and insulator.
  • Impact and chemical-resistant housing.